Zumba Classic: Marble Shooter

Conquest the fortress of Luxor with Zumba Classic Marble shooter game! Achieve this amazing goal by shooting marble rows of colorful marble lines to eliminate them. The Zumba game consists of aiming your marble shooter carefully to match three marbles of the same colors. The balls or marbles will come from the marble shooter, with the marble colours alternating.

Complete all levels to become the conqueror of Luxor!

Get to know the features of Zumba Classic to enjoy the full experience:

– Two deluxe game modes and over 1000 challenging marble shooter levels.
– Play this marble shooter game on many secret maps. More than 6 magic props: Back, Pause, Magic, Lighting, Bomb, Colourful.
– Play Zumba Classic’s adventure mode and challenge mode.
– No Wi-Fi connection required, but play connected to unlock all game features.

How to play the Zumba game:

– Tap the screen where you want to shoot the bubble.
– Combine 3 or more of the same marbles to remove them to destroy all the marble lines.
– Shoot more marble combos and marble shooter chains to get the highest score. Get three stars in each level in the marble games to become the greatest conqueror of Luxor.

Play Zumba Classic in the Ancient Egyptian city of Luxor, the adventure is waiting for you!

Zumba Classic: Marble Shooter App 1.222.433 Update

✔️ Improved level game.
✔️ Improved graphic and game play.
✔️ Thanks for your play Zumba Classic game.

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