You are a mighty warlord who has landed upon the Unconquerable Islands, seeking to put that name to the test. To rise to this challenge, you must make strategic decisions, battle through hardened defense systems, and turn every castle and kingdom into a fresh conquest!

Once you’ve made a plan, your base will work night and day, gathering resources and sending troops to clash with the enemy fortress—even while you sleep. So strike up the drums and march your army to war in this idle military simulator!

Choose your strategy
As a crusader in a distant land, you must train the right troops, assign cunning Commanders, and tactically deploy your military to crush every battle. You’ll need to experiment with different formations to find the perfect siege strategy to tear down each defense tower of every fortress and castle that stands in the way of your rise to power.

Gather mighty Commanders
Unlock legendary warrior, knight, hero and king Commanders, such as Genghis Khan and Robin Hood. Turn the tide of battle with their unique war abilities to clash with enemies and crush the defense of each stronghold like a flaming hammer.

Become an idle war tycoon
Build up your base and upgrade military installations to house your army. Upgrade knight, king, and crusader units among others in this engrossing war tycoon simulator. Set up a steady income of Gold and allocate resources carefully to hasten the rise of your kingdom.

Use different army types
One castle may require an army of raiders and sharpshooters to crush it in battle. Another may call for a clash with cannon, knight, and barbarian units. Whatever your tactic, you’ll need to earn Gold to unlock more advanced military technology to fuel your conquest of the kingdom and tear down any defense!

Revel in their ruin
Witness how every base, tower, castle, and stronghold falls to your idle tycoon game strategies. In time, every kingdom in the Unconquerable Islands will know the might of your legion of crusader, king, knight, and other amazing units.

Experience the war simulation
As this is an idle tycoon simulator, you should pay attention to your Gold income. Complete contracts in battle by capturing a tower or castle. Upgrade knights and give rise to an impressive army that can spread your conquest to every fortress in the kingdom!

Idle Siege App 1.1.0 Update

Chaaaarge! A new update is taking over Idle Siege, making battles more tactical, varied, and accessible!

**What’s New**

Strategic Elements
Enemies and Commanders now have one of three elemental attributes: Fire, Ice, or Nature. Each element is more powerful against a certain other element.

5 New Commanders
Unlock the coolheaded Coldhelm, the axe-kickin’ Lincoln, the wondrous Elf Archer, and more!

More Languages Supported
Idle Siege can now be played in Korean, Japanese, and Russian!

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