EngineRev-Ride provides the most immersive Motorbike ride experience by integrating real motorbike sounds into the game. Now ride your favorite motorbikes like real accompanied by true exhaust note not yet experienced on any mobile game.
This app is an extension of the stationary Sound Simulation app EngineRev to a real life like riding experience.

This app utilizes Autoacoustico’s ground breaking sound simulation technique using time domain tracking with respect to engine RPM and precise combination of different throttle cycles. Since there is no change in fundamental vehicle sound characteristics, users get an experience like never before especially in terms of the characteristic sound each motorbike makes.
We would like yo improve the app based on what our users like so please email your suggestions at [email protected]
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EngineRev-Ride App 3 Update

V3.104 Released
– GSX-R1000-(R)-Inline-4 Superbike
– AR Racing Full System Exhaust

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