For a funkin Friday, it is so amazing while spending a whole night to watch a legend cartoon about well-known mouse and cat. In terms of main content, a mouse is constantly the main target of a cat who fails at chasing mission precisely because of tiny mouse’s intelligence. However, in FNF, this tiny mouse won’t engage in cat-and-mouse games with blue cat anymore. They were invited to join in other funkin games to attempt other missions together. Are you willing to join us, and dance with them in funkin rhythm?

– Make arrows perfectly match.
– Beat all enemies, climb on top rank!
– Feel funkin rhythm! Dance with cg5! Rock the beat!

– Arrows fall follow funkin melody
– Full mods Full enemies as you expected (GF, Garcello, Sally, Hypno…)
– Fantastic background with great sound effects
– Always save your funkin journey while you exit the game
– Not require starting a new mode of play
– Be updated frequently!

Have fun!
Let funkin rhythm drive you insane!

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