💜FNF X Cyberpunk💜

A brand new Cyberpunk style music rap-battle music game with all hot mods!

What happens if BF&GF travel to the cyberpunk world?! Come to join their adventure and witness everything! With futuristic streets, dazzling night scenery, and flashing neon lights around the city, you will be immersed in this wonderful world!

In this game, as Boyfriend(a rookie rapper), you have to beat enemies in Rap Battles to rescue your beloved girlfriend. You will start your adventure in churches, highways, Christmas Eve malls, deserts… And meet some tricky guys like Garcello, Tabi, and Whitty… See what will happen next?!

FNF Battle Night can always drive you insane with an amazing game experience! Feel free to play this exciting game and see if you can beat all your enemies and win your girlfriend back!!

It’s time to start your adventure!

✨Cool Features✨
– All 7 weeks and hot mods songs.
– Hottest mods characters like Tabi, Garcello, Picon, Sky, Whitty, Imposter, Playtime…
– Cyberpunk-style scenes and animation effects.
– Different difficulty levels are on your choice.
– Constantly updated new songs and mods…

✨How to Play✨
– Tap the music arrow when it reaches the scoring area.
– Feel the beat and follow it. Try not to miss any arrow!
– Challenge harder songs as you can.

Do not hesitate to try FNF Battle Night online and offline! This excellent music game has more surprises for you than you can imagine!

If any players have any advice to help us improve, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

FNF Battle Night: Music Mod App 1.0.8 Update

1. Add New Mod( Sans and Whitty).
2. UI updated.
3. Hot mods and songs update weekly, plz stay tuned!🥰

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