Party Animal is the go-to companion app for your next social gathering, family game night or reunion.

Liven up the atmosphere without a hitch with our collection of party staples:

◉ “Charades” – Guess the word from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out! Feel free to capture and share the moment for your future amusement.

◉ “Who’s the Spy” – Find out the identities of other players (and your own!) with your secret word, outsmart your enemies and be victorious! (also known as “Spyfall” or “Undercover”)

◉ “Guess the Song” – Listen the soundtracks and guess the song as fast as you can, choose from the newest or the most popular songs that surely feature your favourite artists!

◉ “Draw & Guess” – Have fun drawing and guessing between your friends with our collection of topics. Share your creation process in the form of a short video or an image.

Stay tuned for even more games!

Party Animal App 12.0.0 Update

Our voice chat function is finally ready!

We did the best to provide the smoothest party experience imaginable no matter where you and your friends are.

Simply invite your friends into the voice chat lobby and have them to play the games of your choosing.
Want to play another game? Simply switch to another game as the host, all without needing to leaving and rejoining the lobby.

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