The SUBARU Care mobile app* is your passport to a new level of connectivity and convenience available on the Subaru Solterra.

Connected to the vehicle and the in-car multimedia system, this app enables you to remotely access and control a whole range of information and functions, from checking your battery levels to setting in-cabin temperature of your vehicle – or even locking/unlocking your doors for added safety.

Download now to stay connected with your Subaru Solterra – even when you’re not in it.

SUBARU Care Features

Climate Control : remotely set a comfortable in-cabin temperature, or have your Solterra ready in cold or hot days on selected days of the week before you start your journey with the scheduling feature (including defrosting front or rear windshield).

Battery charging schedule: check the battery status or manage the charging schedule at.

SUBARU CHARGING NETWORK: plan journeys with peace of mind by locating charging stations based on your location or along the route.

Find My Car: locate your Subaru Solterra wherever you parked it, featuring the possibility to activate the hazard lights for a short period of time to further help you spot your car.

Car Status: check if you may have forgotten your car keys in the car, or if you have left your car unintentionally unlocked – securely lock your car from wherever you are.

Warning lights: be notified of any warning events occurring to your Subaru Solterra or consult information about it any time.

Driving Analytics: access and learn from the insights of your trips to improve your driving for better efficiency.

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*available only for the Subaru Solterra.

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