Whatever your mobile banking experience might be, we made sure that our app becomes easy
for you from the first.

Simply use it. You don’t need to go deep into app details and settings. You already know everything.

Save time. Just a few touch flicks are much easier than visiting bank branch. That’s why we made it possible to register via Diya and get vseKARTA in FUIB Online app.
Know everything about your money. You always have information about the balance and cashflow, cards and accounts, notifications history, and much more.

Manage your funds easily. Refill your mobile, pay for utilities, exchange currency, transfer money, etc. No fees and menu mazes.

Save up as you wish. Simply select and open a secure deposit for your needs via the app.

Get tailored benefits. Our clients receive special loan offers in the application. Push notifications will keep you informed about your loans and credit cards. Notifications will help you to know how much and when you need to pay for your loan or credit.

Be confident. Our smart security policies don’t require extra SMS messages. Due to the analysis of many factors, we know when an one-time password is really necessary.

If you’re experiencing any troubles with our app, please, let us know. Tap the screen five times to launch the mail app.

We’re looking forward to see you on pumb.ua and facebook.com/pumbua

Here come dollars and euros! Buy currency in up to UAH 100 000 equivalent to the Foreign Currency deposit

A complex alphabetic password is no longer needed. Use handy biometrics or passcode

You can also now get international MoneyGram transfers in hryvnias, dollars and euro without leaving your home. You can find it in Payments

Be sure to donate to Prytula and Sternenko for the Bavovna project to have more of our mighty drones in the sky. Find by tapping Support of Ukraine on the Home screen

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