Domino Cafe online game has been launched, dedicated to the Egyptian player! Completely free with the possibility of real-time conversations, communicate freely~

Game Features
💚A great classic Ludo game, with a new fast paced experience
💚 The distinctive Domino game with the ability to play online at any time, two and four players mode together
💚 Connect with friends, create private playrooms, and invite your friend directly to play together!
💚 The ability to send voice messages, for real players, free use without conditions!
💚Text chat with cute and funny emojis, play and make new friends
💚 Personal photo and chat frames, designs of your choice, to suit your personality
💚 Online customer service is offered to provide you with exclusive services, solve your problems and listen to your precious suggestions

All this and more ways to play and other features that will be added later, so hurry up to download the game, and join the Domino cafe

Domino Cafe App 35.0 Update

تحسين تجربة اللعبة

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