Thanks to augmented reality, use your smartphone camera to draw a virtual tape measure / ruler over the real world. Sketch a floorplan of a room as your would do with a real tape measure / ruler.

The tape measure can be used to make horizontal and vertical measurement as with a ruler. Trace a 2D plan and export it in 3D format (dxf).

You don’t need anymore a tape measure or ruler to measure a length or distance. With this measurement app, you can also calculate automatically the surface of any area.

You can do a quick measure of everything thanks to the tape measure / ruler visible on your screen video. Measure anything from cam to plan!

This amazing cam measurement app will probably replace your usual tape measure, ruler, laser telemeter / rangefinder or digital laser meter. This AR / VR measuring tape is the ultimate ruler for measuring.

Measure height and width of any object with your preferred measuring unit: inch, feet, yard, meter. No need to remove the furniture to measure on a hidden floor or wall, the tape measure / ruler will measure anyway.

This camera tape measure / measuring ruler app uses Google ARCore for Android.

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