KDE Connect provides a set of features to integrate your workflow across devices:

– Shared clipboard: copy and paste between your devices.
– Share files and URLs to your computer from any app.
– Get notifications for incoming calls and SMS messages on your PC.
– Virtual touchpad: Use your phone screen as your computer’s touchpad.
– Notifications sync: Read your Android notifications from the desktop.
– Multimedia remote control: Use your phone as a remote for Linux media players.
– WiFi connection: no USB wire or bluetooth needed.
– End-to-end TLS encryption: your information is safe.

Please note you will need to install KDE Connect on your computer for this app to work, and keep the desktop version up-to-date with the Android version for the latest features to work.

Most of the features designed to control your PC from your phone don’t require specific permissions, but features meant to control your phone from your PC do. To fully control your phone remotely you will need to enable the Accessibility service, among other permissions.

This app is part of an open source project and it exists thanks to all the people who contributed to it. Visit the website to grab the source code.

* Fixes the SMS plugin, broken in 1.20
* Drops compatibility with Android < 5 1.21: * Adds back the remote input plugin 1.20: * Media control: Control volume with volume keys & add more controls for Spotify * Share files: Preserve last modified time on received files * Clipboard sync: Add workaround to share the clipboard on Android 10+ when developer mode is enabled * Automatically reconnect to trusted networks in the background on Android 10+. * Removed remote input plugin temporarily

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