my Lord! “Story of the Throne” is an online strategy and action game of the Dark Knights ruling the vast land of the empire. As the castle emperor and commander of the Heroes, you will experience all aspects of the royal family, including: emotional court stories, crusades, conspiracies and alliances, hostile policies and decisive battle, fencing and swordsmanship. , Policy-making and reasoning!

So reign with wisdom and develop your great empire, be in the battle of the heroes of the lord of war and in this foreign war game, build a kingdom and form an army of kings!

بازی Game Features ★★★

● My server! Find the forces under your control:

Black knights, scary warriors, goats on the battlefield, loyal warriors, guardians of the dark sword, clever strategists. What do you suggest, my server? Let them help you.

● God of War! Have your own online kingdom:

Supervise your Red Army and take care of the affairs of the kingdom in defense of the castle. Manage essential resources such as money, food and soldiers to develop the kingdom and create new straws. Strengthen your power in the battle of kings against enemies who dare to attack you and show them who the king of the game is!

● سلطان! Power in building unity and teamwork is:

Join hands with the empire of other kings who are close by and form the Royal Clash to become the King Clash of Heroes. Build an unbreakable alliance with your friends to fight other rivals from other countries in the world.

● My server! Conquering more battle castles helps to expand the king’s empire:

Your path to the Game of Thrones will not be without challenges. Challenge your strategy and ability in the features of the new solitaire game and cool hand-to-hand game. For honor, for glory and for the kingdom, lead your army to crush and destroy the enemy in the online war!

● My server! Create a vast empire series:

Raise your children and arrange their marriage to make sure that your lineage will be successful in the Viking Age. Behind every successful king is a strong and wise family.

Are you someone who will take steps to defend your castle, people and land?

Are you someone who is interested in online strategy games and boy emotional games?

Are you looking for a tough revenge on mobile heroes around the world in the new 2021 games?

my Lord! Your legend starts right now … so download this cool game, which is one of the best foreign games and new boy games, for free, and challenge the rest!

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