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Learn letters, numbers, alphabet, learn to read by syllables, learning games for kids

Cubocat is an educational game that helps preschoolers: learn letters, numbers, counting, reading, geometric shapes, the world around them, develop creativity, master good habits and learn to distinguish between emotions.

Together with interesting characters, we study letters, numbers, learn syllables, learn to read in syllables, count, speak in syllables.

What’s inside: educational toys for children 5, 6, 7 years old. All games for kids are approved by teachers and psychologists, and the program is based on the GEF standard.

Cubocat is not just a children’s educational games for kids, it’s an application with which your kid can learn the alphabet, vowels and consonants, learn to read by syllables, write letters correctly, count well and recognize geometric shapes, and also distinguish between emotions.

The process of learning through an educational game captivates kids, and safe kind cartoons replace the TV and become an excellent reward for academic success. Parents can control screen time with the Timer feature.

Teachers and pediatricians have carefully created educational games for boys and girls. For each child, Kubokot will select an individual training program depending on age, knowledge and interests. Everyone will have their own educational games, their own tasks and children’s puzzles, drawing games, drawing games for children, logic games for preschool children, educational games, and the alphabet for children.

Developing games line up in a consistent training course:

– learn letters and sounds → learn to read by syllables → reading for preschoolers

– remember how letters look → learn to write letters on your own → copybook for preschoolers

– numbers from 1 to 10 → learning to count → mathematics for children 4-6 years old → examples for the first grade

– games for the little ones → simple coloring for children → beautiful coloring for preschoolers

For additional development in Kubokot there are children’s puzzles and educational games, interactive coloring and drawing for girls and boys, and an educational game “Learning to distinguish emotions.”

With the app, your child will learn:

– read in syllables

– write letters correctly

– good at counting and learns about geometric shapes

– recognize emotions

– color without going beyond the lines

– solve children’s puzzles

Cubocat is not only educational games for preschool children. The application has educational activities and materials that can be printed: coloring pages, the alphabet for children, mathematical mazes, and even shapes to learn how to carefully cut and glue.

In the meantime, while the children are passionate about learning games and getting ready for school and are ready to start learning the Russian alphabet, parents can do their own thing. Be sure: your children are safe, because any children’s game in the Kubokot application will take it to good use.

Have you already installed the children’s educational application Kubokot? Time to start learning:

1. Choose your child’s age

2. Indicate interests: drawing, puzzles, sports, music, crafts, logic games, learning to read.

3. The algorithm will select a unique course of study from educational games and educational cartoons.

4. Watch as your child learns on his own and achieves incredible results.

Kids will be captivated by educational activities that will help them learn colors, geometric shapes, letters, numbers, primer and more.

Cubocat is educational cartoons and educational games without ads.

What teachers and pediatricians say about Kubokot:

Teachers are always trying to help children get the best possible education so they can succeed in the future. They understand the importance of preschool preparation and preschool education. Therefore, one of the ways that you can safely talk about is games for the child in the Kubokot educational application.

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Last updated on Aug 18, 2023

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На главном экране — план подготовки к школе на 3 недели! Каждый день предлагаем ребёнку выучить как минимум одну букву и цифру, а в конце вручаем награду — мультик «Три Кота». Вся программа поделена на дни, чтобы дети привыкали к пятидневному формату обучения. Подробнее о том, что ребёнок выучит за 3 недели, читайте в блоке «Чему научим». Там же есть материалы, которые можно распечатать, чтобы закрепить пройденное!

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