You do love horror things as zombies or madness things combine from a clown and a zombie. And, on Friday night, while you’re hanging out with your Girlfriend, the one thing like that suddenly appears from nowhere. He dares you to join a Madness Funkin music battle. Ugh? You have no choice. Pls, try your best to beat Tricky and Hank to protect your Girlfriend.

– Just tap the arrows when they exactly match.
– Feel the music and rock the beat! Dance with cg5 and Funkin rhythm!
– Beat all FNF enemies, specially Tricky.

– Experience horror songs with great sound effect
– Bunch of FNF friends (Whitty, Tord, Garcello, Matt…)
– Funkin rhythm under each fingertip
– High-quality background with awesome graphics
– Be updated frequently!

Enjoy this funkin game!

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