Call of Special Warzone Duty it’s a battlefield shooting game mobile and killing games with two modes FPS : first person shooter & TPS & PVP, You’re in the critical force strike, doing combating against the adversaries with your slice edge Weapons (critical munitions).

New action KILLING GAMES mobile 2022 include a variety of gun games , grenades, gun artillery, assaults rifles of all law shotguns of war.
You’re an expert elite companion force legionnaire, so take charge and come to the frontline and be a strike counter to complete the call of encounter strike secret missions.
The addicting gameplay & modern warfare gun games in online/ offline & shooting games zone for modern combat, will make a call of instigative your mind in free time for fire the realistic shooting game. You are an army counter strike of the world war battle prime internee games and your task is to count all critical battlefield companion in your battlefield shooting games and for attack, especially the call duty companion terrorist.

New amazing shooting games, free gun game with testing first person shooter and third person shooter games operations, Expert troop battlefield is about cold war and warzone, developed tactics, powerful shamus zone adversary, which get out outrage of shooter.

Call of Special Warzone Duty is a first person shooter with amazing and powerful features! Enjoy with instigative battles & strike force, develop tactics, fight! If you love playing battlefield firing games & killing games, these online and offline, shooting games are for you!

Call of Special Warzone Duty – Features
* History of the big ww3 secret warfare zones, and Last Battlefield.
* Realistic FPS WW 3 Addicting story about the duty fire.
.* Frontline battleground strike operations, ultramodern combat counter strike troop mobile games.
.* Realistic and multiple maps for pvp and battleground combat.
* Simple & Smooth gun firing game controls and for counter striker mode.
.* Realistic special force effects with immersive group sound effects

Ultramodern Ops Black Squad is competitive free FPS shooters with easy and intuitive controls, pictorial 3D plates and instigative gameplay.

Use multiple free duty battleground fire strategies and tactics with your special forces in explosive online group games on a variety of shooter games maps.

Play in your free time this powerful realistic fps/ tps combat modern blasting and war zone game on your smartphones or tablets, it’s really interesting fps striker game.

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