Build your own theme park for girls! Become a fun park tycoon, get into building and crafting of roller coasters and water slides! Create an amusement park in one of the best games for girls of 2018!

Did you ever want to be responsible for building a theme park? Master the craft of amusement parks, use your imagination to create the biggest and most amazing place in the world! Set up theme park games for girls, build extreme waterslides, craft roller coasters that will take your breath away!

Enjoy the exploration of an endless world. You can walk as long as you want and you’ll still keep on finding new places where you can build your own theme parks and water slides! Remember that you start the game in an already built amusement park – head out only if you are ready to create everything from scratch! That’s some uphill work, but it will be well worth it!

Waterpark building is easy peasy – simply craft any rides you want and place them! If you need any materials then you’ll have to mine them. Craft any buildings you want – roller coasters and water slides aren’t the only things that you can build. You can also try building your own house or even a city! Try doing some interior design to lighten up the rooms.

Build a big enough theme park for girls and people will start to come from all over the world to play there! Chat with the bots, date virtual boys, make friends! This theme park simulator game has a lot to offer!

Feel the uphill rush when you’re having fun on the fun water slide games for girls! You won’t believe how crazy some of the waterpark rides are – and you’ll be the one building & crafting them! Your fun water slides will brighten the days of many visitors of your water slide park. The adventures in this game will be plentiful and crazy.

Do you want to become a tycoon of roller coasters? Do you love the uphill rush of a well designed waterpark? Does the craft of theme park building sound like something that you could master? Look no further! Get right into water theme park building for girls! Download one of the top games for girls right now!

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