Hungry Worm – Greedy Worm is a casual puzzle game. You can click the virtual joystick to control the movement of the worm, and increase the body length by eating apples. With a longer body, you can reach higher and farther places, pay attention to crossing the dangerous traps and reach the target portal, you will win the game!

How to play:
1. Click the joystick arrow to control the movement of the worm;
2. Eating apples will make your body grow;
3. Swing the body to change the direction of the worm;
4. Pay attention to the sharp and gear;
5. Pushing stones can step foot;
6. Try to reach the portal!

Game Features:
1. Puzzle and solve puzzles, make your brain more flexible;
2. There is more than one way of customs clearance;
3. If you encounter difficulties, you can seek help in the game;
4. Cute and funny worms;
5. Lots of free levels.

Subsequent updates:
1. An editor that everyone can make levels;
2. Constantly increasing new levels;
3. Cute and magical worm skin dress up;
4. More interesting organs and gameplay.

Welcome to try our game, if you have any comments on the game, you can give feedback in the game, thank you for your participation.

Hungry Worm App 1.0.6 Update

1. Add levels
2. Performance improved
3. Bug fix

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