Rainy Attic Room’s prequel game, Rainy Single Room is released!

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▶Game Introduction ◀
It is rainy here 365 days a year.

One day, you go to the attic and talk to your depressed friend who lives alone.

Watch as the room gradually changes with heart and water.

It is hard for people to get close right away.

But if you take it easy and slowly get closer,
someday, you may see a different side of them by opening your heart.

▶How to become a friend◀
1. Listen to their story.

2. Decorate the rooms with different furniture.

3. Clean up spider webs, dust, and other things in the room.

Discover the rest in-game.

[Cautions]1. This game is fiction and has nothing to do with reality.
Therefore, do not follow unrealistic or strange content in the game.

2. We don’t recommend changing the time of your phone while playing. This could cause issues in the game.

3. You can see the ads once every 4 minutes. If you can’t see it, try to check it out the internet or next day.


[Music source]BGM

[Privacy Policy]https://bit.ly/3hbipXi

Phone number : +82 10-4882-6924

Rainy attic room App 1.3.6 Update

Please update to the latest version.

1. Fixed some spelling errors.
2. Modifying UI design.

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