[Five main races to satisfy players] Players can switch freely between five main races, Human, Dwarve, Lich, Rakan, and Sylvani, to satisfy their own preferences.

[Explore a magical world freely] Explore Nore, Drake, and Sait freely. The diverse terrains, mystical creatures, and interesting events will satisfy your curiosity about this magical world!

[Real-time combat controls] Deploy troops freely and manually cast hero skills in real-time battles to decide the final victor!

[Two beautiful and trendy art styles] New Anime style for a new visual experience! Switch between the original and new art style with one tap. One of them will suit you whether you like it realistic or Anime-like!

Official Website:aoc.lilithgames.com/en

Greetings, Commanders! This update introduces Silverwing Literature, instance difficulty changes, and other fixes and improvements. Don’t forget to download the new update!
Main Updates:
1. Power Prism Rank Up
2. Power Prism Rank Up Limited-time Growth Event
3. Silverwing Literature Expansion
4. Hero balancing adjustments
5. Other improvements and bug fixes

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