The crimes, the help, and the terrifying racial things happening in different dark parts of the world in the Back Alley Tales are not well known and unveiled in the eye of the camera as well as to the justice system. But think of a game that you play and you get the scenes of the crime place and what happens there behind the veils and that secret, in some ways, comes to you. What will you do and what approaches you will have? The problems of the corner darks are some based on gender discrimination, race, religion and so on which you came to know with some secret ways.

The Back Alley Tales is a game where you are a guard who works as a security camera guard and looks for what is happening in the certain cameras that you have so you go on and pass the day doing the job. But all of sudden, Back Alley Tales seems boring for you to look for the previously recorded camera shots that are terrifying and killing. What happens next is a curiosity and suspense thing that we will discuss later.

Is Back Alley Tales free-to-play?

Yes. Back Alley Tales is a detective game that is free to play. Players can test cognitive skills, boost short-term memories and improve concentration in Back Allet Tales.

How to download Back Alley Tales on Android?

Follow the two steps below,  and then you can easily download the game on your Android phone.

Step 1: Go to the APKPure app store and search for Back Alley Tales. 

Step 2: You’ll find the game at the top of the search result. Tap the install button on the right to download and install Back Alley Tales on your phone. 

Is Back Alley Tales suitable for children aged 15?

The Back Alley Tales is an 18-rated game that is fit for adults only, because the content includes heart-wrenching crime scenes and bloody violence. Parents have to make sure their kids don’t play the game if they are under the age of 18.

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