Diagnose your vehicle yourself from your phone without breaking the bank

No more visiting your car dealer or repair shop. Find out why your dashboard lights are on and interpret the error codes for free!

This app requires an OBDclick diagnostic tool available here: get.obdclick.com or a compatible adapter ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth or WiFi

1️⃣ Connect your OBDclick toolkit to the OBD2 port of your car (the toolkit is available here : get.obdclick.com/)
2️⃣ Launch the OBDclick app (100% in English)
3️⃣ You can now diagnose your car for free as many times as you want!

FEATURES (Free and without any Subscription! 💶):

✅ Visualization of engine and transmission error codes and their meaning in English (more than 19,000 messages)

✅ Deleting and confirming error codes

✅ Removing the engine indicator light on the dashboard

✅ Oxygen Probe Control (or Lambda Sensor)

✅ Diagnosis OBD2 error codes manufacturer: Audi, Renault…

✅ Real-time display of data and sensors of the vehicle and possible backup:

   -Calculated load value
   -Coolant temperature
   -Injection system status
-Freeze frame data
   -Vehicle speed
   -Short-term fuel calculation
   -Long-term fuel calculation
   -Intake pressure
   -Intake air temperature
   -Air flow
   -Position of the throttle control
   -Oxygen sensor tensions / associated with fuel calculation
   -Fuel pressure
   -and many other data…


1️⃣ Take control of your car
OBDclick gives you complete control over your car. It allows you to communicate with sensors and display real-time data on your smartphone or tablet.

2️⃣ Your Mechanic, is You
With the arrival of electronics in the automobile, any light or error code on your dashboard leads you to the dealer or garage. Fortunately, OBDclick offers the same quality of diagnosis, for free, on your own and as many times as you want.

3️⃣ All car models
OBDclick uses a standard communication protocol. This makes it a tool compatible with many vehicle models.

4️⃣ Inspect a used car
Do you intend to buy a used car? OBDclick assists you in the diagnosis and turns out to be very useful in the inspection of hidden defects. Display anomalies and wear alerts for certain components.

5️⃣ Anticipate vehicle breakdowns
By regularly consulting the information provided by OBDclick. You will be able to anticipate repairs and related expenses. Error codes make it possible to be alerted about the level of use or the start of anomalies.

6️⃣ Repair your car yourself
Some of the anomalies that result in a malfunction indicator light can be repaired by you. Error codes displayed are standard. You will therefore easily find the right tutorial online to repair your car yourself or refer you to the right specialist.

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