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Magician training manual, start a mysterious adventure.

Puzzle story is a fantasy magician jigsaw puzzle game, each chapter is an interesting magic story, the girl failed in the magic assessment, met a cute ghost with her good friends in the forest, and found a card that can get magic The treasure map, what treasure will be found in this magical journey of cultivation? Let’s start this mysterious adventure with Puzzle story!

Puzzle gameplay, the canvas will be prompted with outlines, players can find the corresponding pieces in the puzzle pieces, click on the pieces and slide to the corresponding position on the canvas, the pieces will be automatically absorbed, after finishing the first layer of outlines, the second layer of hints will emerge . Until the entire painting is completed, the final picture will be presented in the form of a story, unlocking the next chapter of the puzzle. When encountering difficulties, you can turn to the hint button for help, so as to solve the confusion for the players intimately. Each chapter of the story continues to write a magical story, and the game will have a wonderful display if you successfully pass the level.

Open the magic store, the variety of products is shining, gold coins, diamonds, reminder lights, etc. will help you pass the level successfully.

Lucky wheel draws, daily tasks, achievement rewards, check-in, rewards are doubled, and the magic prize is easily won.

[Intimate Tutorial] A novice tutorial is prepared at the beginning of the game. The game is fun, the story is interesting, and the gameplay is simple and easy to learn.

[Lucky Rewards] Turntable lottery, daily tasks, achievement rewards, check-in and check-in, there are many benefits waiting for you to claim.

[Magic Store] There are many products and styles, which will take you on a tour of the magical world.

[Wonderful Breakthrough] The most magical chapters of the story, invite you to break through the level together to unlock.

[Unlock VIP] Unlock all chapters in advance, and experience the story chapters first.

What’s New in the Latest Version 1.0.9

Last updated on Jul 17, 2023

~ Optimized version to update internal resources.

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