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Explore the world, finish missions to unlock cars and houses!

Venture out to the most amazing incredible adventure with Amer in this exciting experience in a huge open world city with a stunningly realistic environment and interactive gameplay mechanics!

Are you ready to discover the spirit of car chasing and make good deals?

An unrestricted city including drifting race cars in an open-world environment. You are the master of your gameplay decisions, pushing the boundaries of freedom of choice. You play in a world with enjoyable driving, drifting cars.

The most incredible thrill of chasing a free-roaming car with Eastern culture and environments.

Choose one of many fun character variations and customize their appearance with a range of options. Change your character’s clothes, hairstyles, and colors to create your unique style. Finish a variety of missions and collect cash and gems to unlock new areas, missions, and character customization options. Explore this open-world city with different missions and maps, fight for the final prize, and drive and drift in different adventure areas while showcasing your personalized character.

In addition to the thrilling car chases, now you have the option to drive the police car itself! Take control of the law enforcement vehicle and chase down the culprits to restore order to the city. Experience the thrill of being on the other side of the chase as you pursue the outlaws and bring them to justice.

Open up the radio in your favorite car and discover a wide selection of stations playing different genres of music. Drive through the city while listening to your favorite tunes, adding another layer of immersion to your gameplay experience. Choose your preferred radio station and enjoy the vibrant sounds as you navigate through the open-world city.

The Slingshot is a new feature! Use the slingshot’s power to shoot Amer at areas and targets. Use it to destroy obstacles, hit targets accurately, or stir up trouble in the city. Master the slingshot and explore the open-world environment for hidden secrets, rewards, and new challenges. It’s a dynamic tool that adds a new level of strategic gaming and exploration to the game.

The chase Hit N Run offers you a realistic experience of chasing cars by getting into the car and trying to escape from the police or escape on foot if the car is damaged. You can also have the option to have extra money by driving people in a way similar to a taxi and making a good car dealership.

The Chase Hit N Run gameplay brings a unique and exciting experience, now with enhanced customization options, police car driving, radio access, the thrilling addition of the slingshot, and more thrilling features.

The chase open world: Amer’s Adventure Features:

🧨 Thrill Traffic riders

🎭 Many fun different character variations with customizable features

👍🏻 Good deals by purchasing cars and houses

🎢 Challenging missions

🎞 Unlock the endless mode

🔥 Stunning Visual effects

🎮 Improved touchscreen controllers with significant flexibility

📌 Must know 💡

“We are an Arabian game development studio, and all we are trying so hard to do here is represent these entertaining to-play gameplay mechanics in an Arabian style and theme. The Chase open world is a casual game that’s primarily focusing on the entertainment factor and It does not carry any racist perspectives of any race or religion”

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What’s New in the Latest Version 1.0.40

Last updated on Aug 20, 2023

– Bug fixes

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The Chase
Hook and Run
لعبة ابو خشم الممتعة
Arabian Standoff
سوبرعامر لعبة مغامرات المضحكة‎
Crushy Wheels
لعبة شباب البومب
Aboflah – لعبة أبوفله
Highway Drifter
The Chase
Rooftop Run
UHD – Ultimate Hajwala Drifter
Arabian Standoff
Bike Hill 3D
Drift Arena
Rooftop Ninja Run
Stumble Guys
Crazy Dog
WhatsApp Business
SuperVPN Fast VPN Client

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