Looking up at the night sky and seeing the International Space Station (ISS) glide overhead is a breathtaking experience. With ISS Detector, you can easily track and locate the ISS using just your smartphone.

ISS Detector notifies you a few minutes before the ISS is due to pass overhead, ensuring you never miss the chance to see it. The app also checks for clear weather conditions, so you can have the best possible viewing experience.

But that's not all – with in-app purchases, you can enhance the functionality of ISS Detector even further. The Radio Amateur Satellites extension lets you track dozens of ham and weather satellites, complete with transmitter information and real-time Doppler frequencies. The Starlink and Famous Objects extension allows you to track famous objects like SpaceX's Starlink satellite trains, the Hubble Space Telescope, rocket bodies, and other bright satellites.

Finally, the Comets and Planets extension lets you track all planets and comets as they become visible in the night sky. Whether you're a space enthusiast or just looking for a unique and awe-inspiring experience, ISS Detector is the perfect app for discovering the wonders of the cosmos.

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