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Welcome to the warm and cozy Cat Snack Bar!

A quaint little restaurant that opens with the morning sun and welcomes guests until the last dish is served.

Here, cat lovers and food game fans unite for a charming culinary experience.

At Cat Snack Bar, our feline chefs are masters of the kitchen, brewing perfect Americanos, Cappuccinos, and Lattes, alongside a delightful menu of pancakes, hotdogs, donuts, and soups.

This isn’t just a cooking game;
It's a journey into delicious burgers and pizzas too!

Expand to a larger restaurant and treat your guests to an array of culinary creations.
Our busy cat chef continuously learns new recipes to delight your taste buds.
Every day is a bustling adventure at our Snack Bar!

♥ Explore the Charm! Cute Game Alert! ♥

Calling all cat lovers! Find breeds like Siberian, British Shorthair, Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest, Bengal, Himalayan, and more.

Busy taking orders, cooking, and serving, these cats are the stars of the show.

Dress up your cats in adorable costumes!
Hats, clothes, accessories – each adding a dash of cuteness.
Our cats don’t bite or scratch, just purr and cuddle!

A stress-free, idle tycoon cooking game.
Loveable graphics + soothing sounds = pure relaxation.
Enjoy it anywhere – home, café, school, or on the go.
Cats equal healing, remember? ^▼^

Easy and healing idle tycoon game.
Our self-running cat restaurant is incredibly easy to manage.
Just take orders, cook, and serve. Relax, our cats have it under control, especially offline. (But don't forget, no neglecting in real life!)

♥ Highly Recommended for: ♥
♥ Cat and animal game lovers!
♥ Anyone who enjoys cooking, food, and making coffee!
♥ Passionate fans of restaurant and cooking tycoon games!
♥ Lovers of relaxing, idle, and simulation games!
♥ Those seeking offline, single-player games!
♥ Free game enthusiasts!

Looking for a cute cat game?

Dive into this freshly-baked free cooking game.
Download the Cat Snack Bar game and start your healing journey~♥

Meet us at the warm and inviting Cat Snack Bar.
Play Cat Snack Bar, Enjoy with Cats.

Attend the “Happy 2024!” event to celebrate the new year!
Play the Cat Snack Bar and complete the rice cake making for cute “Boy Hanbok Cat” and “Girl Hanbok Cat”! Once done, they will join you as Special Customers!
Complete the mini-game “Decorate New Year Wish Tree” and invite the “Blue Dragon Cat” as a special customer to the snack bar!
A limited-time employee cat uniform, “Happy 2024!” has been added!
Shh! It's a secret. I've heard that the cats are making an invite for you.

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