Qute: Terminal emulator – used to emulate a unix terminal and work on the command line on your smartphone. Available for download and installation on smartphones with Android 5.0 and higher. The program is a terminal emulator, it has: automatic prompts for, sets of scripts, the ability to save bash scripts.

The Qute application can execute system commands and allows users to run bash scripts and perform various tasks, just like in Linux and Unix operating systems. Qute supports working with root rights, which allows users to perform tasks on behalf of the superuser.

Using the Qute application, you can easily manage your device, execute system commands that are not available in the settings or are closed on Android devices. For example, it can be used to configure network settings, install applications, manage files, set up a network, and much more.

The application gives the user access and full control of the console and terminal. Anyone who has installed the terminal emulator software can work with any selected tools. Qute also supports a large number of standard Linux features such as ls, grep, awk, ssh, cd, ping and many more.

The application was developed taking into account the needs of advanced users and system administrators, it has an intuitive interface. That is why working with the terminal is very simple, convenient and almost everyone will be able to figure out how to use it.

Qute: Terminal Emulator is an application that works quickly and allows you to use the command line on your smartphone. Main advantages:

• Autorun and creation of shortcuts
• Bash script editor
• Command line file manager
• Run bin files in terminal, when available
• Manage files with nnn and edit them with nano, vim, or emacs
• Access to servers via ssh
• Bash and ssh shell
• Create your own list of teams
• Automatic completion
• Support for rooted devices

Using the application, you can work with the terminal like on a computer, but do it on your smartphone. You will get more freedom and control over your device the way you want.
Working with root rights
Qute supports working with root rights, so there is access to perform tasks on behalf of the superuser.

Qute supports running bash scripts, so it’s easy to automate tasks to increase efficiency and productivity.

Qute supports a large number of standard Linux features such as ls, grep, awk and many more. Users will be able to use the terminal to its full potential to perform daily tasks.

Qute was created with the goal of making it accessible and understandable to the majority, so the application has a simple interface, and every button is clear.

Download Qute: Terminal Emulator and enjoy working from the command line on your Android device!

Qute v4.0
● Added: new terminal (legacy enabled by default), “Root Mode” option, “Use legacy terminal” option, “Run command with SU” option (long tap on main button)
● Updated Bash scripts editor
● Improved: I/O formats, scripts syntax checker, stability
● Help topic replaced with Bin & Vars topic
● A lot of bug fixes
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