Meet Univerbal (formerly Quazel, but now you can actually spell it!), your AI tutor and conversation partner for honing your language skills. Talk in real-life scenarios, ask grammar and vocabulary questions, and receive speaking feedback. Univerbal is like having a tandem practice partner, creating a safe space to make mistakes, learn and flourish. Whether it's English, Spanish, French or Italian, embark on your journey to fluency!

・AI Conversation Partner: Enjoy conversation practice in everyday scenarios. Talk to a checkout clerk at a supermarket, meet someone at a park, or dine in a French bistro – your AI partner responds exactly as a native speaker would.
・Interactive AI Tutor: Got a grammar or vocabulary question? This is where Univerbal shines. Your AI tutor swiftly guides you through any questions you might have.
・Speaking Feedback: Get instant correction for every message you send. Our AI tutor identifies where you can improve, helping your language skills blossom. Following the conversation, get a personalized review highlighting your progress.
・Personalized Conversations: Have conversations based on your interests, level and the progress you're making. Or create your own conversation topics, with complete freedom to customize them.
・Learning Aids: Use conversation tasks, vocabulary exercises, hints and a built-in translator as handy sidekicks to your language learning journey.
・Progress Overview: Keep track of your vocabulary proficiency and overall progress, with streaks and statistics about your usage.

Put an AI tutor in your pocket and talk your way to fluency. Begin today with a 7-day trial, no strings attached!

Experience the incredible diversity of languages, with 20+ languages to choose from, including Dutch, German, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and many more.
Enjoy as much conversation practice as you like during your trial. If you love Univerbal, which we're sure you will consider upgrading to Univerbal Pass and continuing your language journey.

Any questions or feedback, shoot an email to [email protected]. or connect with our team on Discord.

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More complex conversations for advanced learners & feedback beyond punctuation.

Bug Fixes:

Conversations are now more complex for more advanced learners.

Punctuation is now ignored when giving you the correction, to give more in-depth feedback.

Improved skill evaluation so you can more easily complete a skill.

Every time you achieve a task during a conversation, it gets ticked off appropriately.

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