* This is not a stand alone app. This is a plug-in (extension).
* That means, You will not find any icon to open it, in your app drawer/Home screen.

* Musicolet app version 5+ installed.
* 'Pro features' purchased in Musicolet app. (Musicolet app > menu > Help and info > “Get pro features”.)

Once have purchased ‘Pro features’ in Musicolet app, follow these steps:

1. Connect your phone to the same WiFi, where your Chomecast device are connected.
2. Then you will find the 'Cast button' in Musicolet > ‘Now playing’ screen (2nd tab).
3. Tap on it. You will see the list of Chromecast devices connected to the same WiFi. Select a Chromecast device, and done. Now Musicolet will cast your music to your Chromecast device.

Also read the conditions mentioned here: Musicolet app > menu > Help and info > “Get pro features” > “Conditions”.

Enjoy Music. 🎵🙂

🌟 Chromecast is now possible from Chromebooks too.

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