The process of the game is an exciting journey of the player through a cube world filled with dangers, magic and an opportunity for the player to show their skills in solving tactical problems and achieving strategic goals. The gameplay contains lessons during which the player learns the mechanics of the game, and the gameplay is accompanied by tips.

You have to:

Search for resources, labor tools and weapons;
Design landscapes, build houses, farms – cities on them;
To grow cereals, vegetables and fruits on farms; to domesticate or tame wild animals;
Create tools and weapons yourself;
Expand living space – start the game by building a hut, and at some stage build a whole city.
The gameplay is divided into a “day” and “night” mode.
“During the day” you live a peaceful life – build, study, expand, and “at night” – at night monsters come out of the dungeon – zombies, mummies and pumpkin spirits, from which you have to defend your achievements with weapons in your hands.

The “Super craft ” is a world of both mathematically rigorous cubes and unpredictability – magic. Use magical portals to shuffle between strongholds around your possessions, or infiltrate underground cities where monsters and monsters hide from the sunlight during the day.

The gameplay of the “Super craft ” – it does not have an ultimate goal, it is an endless world in which only your achievements matter.

“Super craft ” – features:

Graphics – 3D animation;
The gameplay takes place in real time – here and now;
The game process is accompanied by prompts;
Building cubes have color and texture.

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